Who Does the Work

Linguistic Services SA has delivered almost 400 million words of Spanish to direct clients and agencies consisting of over 7,000 clients and a vast array of activities. About 255 million words were delivered to direct clients and 145 million words to major agencies such as Transperfect, Star AG, SDL plc, and smaller agencies like G3, LanguageWorks, HolaDoctor, Traducta, Foreign Translations and TRSB. The agencies trust us, so can you.

Big or small, Linguistic Services SA has the hands-on experience to help your project succeed because Linguistic Services SA is not a translation agency.

The Facility owned and run by Linguistic Services SA was purpose-built for translation and is equipped, staffed and certified to ensure speed, quality, consistency, compliance and security. It is one of the biggest and longest established English-Spanish translation and graphic design production centers there are today.

Integrated or fragmented translations supplied by agencies are normally outsourced to unknown freelance translators working at home in a process that is fragmented and uncontrollable. Linguistic Services SA deals with everything on site, in a tightly controlled and integrated process operated by professional translators who take care of your project from end to end without social dumping.

Certified Quality the Integrated Translation Process - ITP® developed and used by Linguistic Services SA is certified by TÜV Rheinland Argentina SA as fulfilling the requirements of ISO 17100.

Quality is the result of 4 C's, Commitment, Compliance, Concistency, Confidentiality.

Sectors Supplied include;

Biosciences (Clinical Trials, Healthcare, Health Insurance, Patient Information, Dentistry, Plant Audits, Technical Drawings),

Oil & Gas (Exploration, Upstream & Downstream Services),

Finance (Annual Reports, IPOs, Due Diligence, Datarooms, Retirement Plans E401),

Technical (Manuals for the Automobile Industry, Plant, Software Manuals, etc),

Legal (IP, Patents contracts, Codes of Ethics),

General (On-line Education, Websites, General Content).